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Here are the videos we produced (and some we didn't) to help North Americans build an informed opinion concerning this idea. There will be many information segments covering the various aspects of the annexation proposition. The first one of our own creations has just been published!


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A More Perfect Union.

On February 19, 2009, Barack Obama touched down in Ottawa for his first international visit as president. “All eyes are on Ottawa right now—you don’t hear that every day,” a CNN anchor quipped. Discussions concentrated on trying to better manage the status quo between the two countries, including co-operation on clean energy, economic recovery and cross-border trade. The agenda reflected what experts agreed was possible, but by skirting the extraordinary public force of the president’s appeal, it was less ambitious than what Obama’s celebrity might have allowed. Read More

Annexation if necessary, but not necessarily annexation.

As with any discussion of supra-national consolidation, the North American context offers numerous potential iterations for such an amalgamation to occur. The focus here is with a democratic union, based on the expressed will of the people. It follows that any considerations for an annexation of Canada to the USA will only be relevant if they help build a consensus on both sides of the border. In fact majority support on both sides is a pre-requisite for any successful merger talks. Read More

About Us

We are private citizens holding free discussions on the topic of annexation. is not a formal organization. In fact, we are random normal every day people hailing from North America and beyond who share a common interest in discovering the possibilities that might enable our civilization to renew itself and fully realize its manifest destiny.

Our Annexation Process.


First we explore every perspective that must be considered when discussing this subject. This means daring to think outside the box and to sometimes dwelve into somewhat taboo topics.


We then proceed to debate every aspect of each idea by considering the advantages and inconveniences that they imply, along with feasability assessments based on a 'least friction, least effort' approach.


Based on the results of this research, we are able to envisage solutions that help overcome the difficult barriers which stand in the way of such a transformation of our national identities.


We are able to synthesize a comprehensive set of solutions which then translate into meaningful proposals providing a worthwhile motive and a framework for achieving annexation.

Meet The Team.

Alexandre Dufresne
Site Owner
John O'Dell
Yuka Takahashi


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Stanley BingFortune Magazine Columnist

"An interesting and comprehensive website "dedicated to the exploration of the potentialities for a democratic annexation of Canada to the United States of America" may be found at I have just joined as a registered member of their Forum. And here I thought I was kidding."

Andrew SteeleGlobe and Mail Columnist

" has a humble yet interesting forum with meaningful discussions and scenarios on the topic of uniting Canada and the USA."

Pierre LemieuxGun Loving Economist

"A potentially very interesting idea.."

Barry ChamishIsraeli-Canadian Journalist and Author

"Actually, I can see some good coming out of your movement. Barry."

Julie CouillardWoman of intrigue

"When it comes to an agreement with the Americans I think that for the moment they have bigger problems then us, be they economic, health-care, internal politics, etc. So I don't see what we would have to gain and to tell you everything with the right-wing government that we are stuck with right now I think we already look enough like the Bush administration as things stand! We even lost our image that was respected and beloved internationally so I advocate electing for ourselves a government that will re-establish the true Canadian values, which is to say a great conscience and environmental responsibility, against war but rather coming to aid at the international level....and most importantly an aid that isn't financed by big oil that would help a lot..."

Marc GarneauFederal MP and renowned astronaut

"Complex subject. I lived in the United States for a period of 9 years. I have members of my family which are American. Like Canadians, the Americans are far from being an homogenous people. You just need to visit Texas, California, Maine or Kansas to notice how different they are in their values. As a Canadian, I don't share some of the values that the majority of Americans share together and I am convinced that it's reciprocal. So strictly on the layer of values, I don't see a merger of our two countries and we should instead evolve as independent countries, linked by our shared needs and our friendship. Marc."

Yoram EttingerFormer Israeli Ambassador

"Your organization has undertaken an initiative of historic proportions."

Jeff PlanteQuebec Conservative Pundit

"I have contemplated this idea in the past and this is definitely something worth looking into."

Eric RuelDocumentary Producer

"It's like witnessing the embryonic stage of a momentous event."

Joyce MaynardAuthor

"It interests me a lot, as both my parents were Canadians."

Eric Jon PhelpsAnti-Jesuit Conspiracy Theorist

"Dear Alexandre, In theory yes, it would be a good idea---if both nations were run by patriots and not Jesuit controlled minions. Thus, there must be secession of every state and province to then realign with other states and provinces with the same nationalistic goals. Roman Catholic Quebec needs to secede, but be its own White Catholic nation. But it is my opinion that the Jesuits ruling both the US and Canada are going to merge both nations in the near future----to the detriment of all of us. For that merger will be via the strong hand of an American Fascist military dictator in response to Jesuit Obama's socialist communism. Lord bless, Brother Eric."