"Right Here, Right Now."

We live in a time of untold challenge and opportunity, and a democratic annexation of Canada to the United States would provide the necessary vision to ensure a constructive path on which to realize our collective future. In a world beset by corruption, greed, violence, death and destruction, there remains a pristine natural beauty and freshness of spirit that survives and endures in our beautiful lands.

So why here? why now? Why not in a hundred years, or in a generation or so? Because the world is begging for a genuine event, to flush away and cleanse it of the accumulated sorrows of deceit and lies which have incrementally infected our confidence and trust in ourselves, our governments, and our future. As we speak, barriers are being erected over our historically open borders. Fences are being considered and passports demanded where for centuries of unprecedented peace and prosperity our peoples cohabited in these vast lands of America.

If we do not take action now, the possibility of a free and prosperous continent may forever evade our grasp. We are at this very crossroads, where on one side our peoples end up permanently sundered, while on the other they conjoin their federations into one mighty bastion of freedom where hope can once again find a true home for itself. That is the type of daring proposition that can and will lead the world into a better future.

"My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth." - Abraham Lincoln

Here at Annexation.ca, we believe that the place is here and the time is now. Now is the time to take a deep breath, and explore this alternative. North Americans would certainly benefit from such a conjugation of our federations. With their representation and participation, as well as their responsibilities and rights as member states, Canada's provinces and people would bring a new energy into the American experience and provide the world with a strong pillar of stability for the increased peace and prosperity of the human adventure. It is in this context that such a never-seen union, coming from the people, democratically discussed and voted upon, by both Americans and Canadians, represents a truly real opportunity for the rejuvenation of the American dream, and a successful union would definitely enable the last best hope Lincoln dreamed of, to come to life.

The need for exploring outside the box.

By making this collective decision to explore this avenue for the combination of our countries, we may in fact avoid a more somber future and help realize Lincoln's dream of an American rejuvenation, that the entire world can look to for hope and faith in the future. If Canadians and Americans allow the current trend of division that our government bureaucracies are installing to take hold, the level of people-to-people interactions will be reduced greatly. The traditional friendly hockey games where children from both sides of the border would freely travel to meet their counterparts in friendly competition is now being prevented, through costly measures requiring all travelers be equipped with passports.

Just looking at the news and the negativity which surrounds most of it, one can easily perceive the need for such a hopeful project, built on hope and the knowledge that in times of trouble we can and should set the proper example.

Leaning on one another for strength.

We are perhaps the only region in the entire world even capable of considering such a full-fledged union without flinching. The world needs a hope. A "last best hope". And I say it is time for Canadians to step up to the plate and take their place alongside their American brothers, to ensure that the beacon of freedom continues to shine brightly for the many generations that will follow.

We hear of discontent and the general mood is rather towards division. There are in both countries growing discussions of regional autonomy and even outright secession. This road of partition would lead only to a "divide and conquer" scenario, where none of the North American regions would be able to face the scope of challenges that affect us directly. That is why the better road is in the opposite direction: Let us baffle the world and talk instead of enlarging this Union, facing the challenges head on, with the understanding that the problems we face will be fixed not by running from them but by confronting them rationally.

Discussions on an eventual annexation of Canada to the United States of America will inevitably lead to negotiations in which the different groups that compose our diverse lands will have a venue to express their encouragements and/or concerns. This entire campaign can provide the necessary catalyst to allow the implementation of real solutions and adjustments on which all can agree. Nobody is asking Canadians or Americans to give a blank check of support for a Unification project. It must be done by the people, and for people. This is the key to victory.

People rightly complain about the seeming helplessness of individuals to react to accumulating events. This general feeling of inability to react to events is very real and seems to be growing. Most people desire a chance to make a difference, a way to help turn the tide of events away from the direction they have taken, but find themselves incapable of effecting meaningful change when it comes down to it. This is what the project for the democratic union of Canada and the USA is all about: it is about seizing the initiative, and providing useful change through action, rather than remaining shackled by a feeling of helplessness.

Instead of focusing on the negativity that permeates our world, individuals who see the potential for an extended country emerging from the union of Canada's provinces with America's states must also understand that by putting their faith in such a positive project they can have a much bigger and lasting impact on history. This is a proposition that can benefit our generation, and our future generations, blessing them with a better quality of life and a sense of renewed opportunity.

A converged federation of 60 states?

Is it so hard to envision combining our states and our provinces into one conjoined federation? For Canadians and Americans who have traveled in each other's country and who are aware of the many commonalities our peoples share, it should be extremely easy to imagine.

There is a natural simplicity to this dream, that can be understood in a single glimpse at the geography of our situation. Unity would simplify security of the borders, reunite Alaska to the mainland, and facilitate long-sterm development projects that would profit American states and Canadian provinces equally. A democratic union of Canada and the USA would ensure a self-reliant country that can serve as a pillar of stability and prosperity in an otherwise unstable world.

Let us imagine together an alternative future where all citizens can freely live and work anywhere in the biggest, vastest, and most amazing country on earth. Surely there is nothing wrong with exploring this possibility of a conjugation of our federations. A democratic consultation of our peoples may result in a realization that this is not possible, but the very trek of investigating this proposition will certainly provide both our peoples with amazing insights into the advantages that stand to be gained from it.

That is why I believe that the time has now come to make this proposition known to mainstream Canadians and Americans. It is a project that will happen not because of some fringe groups, but, rather, in spite of them. Indeed, the very success of this project will lie in the goodwill and common sense of the silent majority of both our great nations. The act of combining ourselves into a single federation at this juncture in history is a surprising idea: It offers a chance for a clean slate, a fresh start. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, and we should seize it and make it our defining moment. Future generations will be able to look back at this daring choice and appreciate the wonders and blessings derived from our collective expression of sovereignty.

Alexandre is a business intelligence consultant in the telecommunication and banking industries.

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