Filipino pivot towards SCO

Filipino pivot towards SCO

Postby Americalex » Sep 29, 2016 3:14 pm

Rodrigo Duterte Declares Philippines-US War Games 'The Last One' ... ne-1467937

Their authoritarian president seems to be more than merely saber rattling at this point. What are the geo strategic implications for Taiwan, Japan and Korea if the Philipines swings clearly into the Sino-Russian orbit? He sounds like he made a deal with them that he can have his own "putin-styled" playground if he switches over to their side.

As I understand it, the main disruption is economic: the flow of freight from Malaca to the northern Tigers would suffer from potential instability. Secondarily, the military implications of such a switch-over are also non-negligeable. Will the USA compensate by an increased presence with Taiwan? It seems like the likely fallback option.

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