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Las Vegas

Postby Americalex » Oct 04, 2017 10:30 am

Concerning the motive of the mass murderer,

ISIS has made a claim that he was converted some months ago. I heard the case FBI analyst state that he is a total outlier for normal gunmen profiles, and that he clearly appears to have been acting on a mission.

ISIS posted a propaganda photo showing a photo purportedly of the attacker, this image looks positive, like a photo someone would give of themselves because they look good on it.

I haven't seen that photo anywhere on the net, and frankly it doesn't look automatically like its the same guy. I would like to ask his brother or girlfriend "Is this him?". If no, than ISIS shows it's desperation and willingness to throw away all credibility.

If it is him, the question becomes, how come only ISIS have this photo of him and nobody else does? Obviously at this point I think it can go either way, but probably more likely that ISIS is simply throwing garbage out there in desperation.


It seems as though he was planning to drive away from the hotel to his home, pack up new heat and explosives... go on a second rampage... then rince and repeat with a pit stop at his second house for a third rampage... and even what might be a hope to make it out of the country before being IDed, flying to the Philipines to catch up with his money and maybe even making his way to Marawi, where ISIS is still holding out? A far fetch scenario as any, unlikely unless firm evidence surfaces concerning said ISIS propaganda photo as being the same man.
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