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Hi man,

You know, you were right about one thing, humanism did come before protestantism. The way I've tracked it down, humanism was initially sponsored financially by Islam (the Ottoman caliphate to be precise), and then it served as the fermentation for ideas that would enable protestantism to spring forth (also financed by the Ottoman Caliphate).

So in essence, all of protestantism and post-conciliar catholicism is in effect part of the humanist blob, albeit as cryto-humanist segments of said religious grouping. Historically, it has always been at the service of Islam, except in some of its dissociated radical forms (such as soviet communism, which was almost equal in evil to Islam in most respects).

But when you look at the kernel behind the humanist organism, those pedo-satanists who dominate much of the media-political apparatus of western nations, it is a documented fact that their cult leaders were themselves in fact muslim converts, hence establishing the direct root leading all the way back to Islam,

And more pointedtly, to it's strategic desire to weaken and destroy the Western world from within in order to enable a more formal take-over through the humanists eventually running their course and being themselves discarded for a full on islamic take-over of what had until then been a Judeo-Christian civilization which had with great effort resisted it successfully.

One can go as far back as the Literati, these secular humanists who advocated the implementation of order 66 against the knights templars, as being the filial ancestors of their renaissance era illuminati douchebags. It all makes sense when one contrasts the reality that the destruction of the knights templar served no one better than the Ottoman Caliphate and islam, as they were their main opponents in many crucial instances.

So it is a strange continuation of the story of mankind that evil might rise so prominentely thanks to the betrayal of former jews and former christians who embraced the islamic psychosis in their own colorful albeit pathetic ways. The culmination of all of this is evidently dependent on the existence or absence of God as revealed in the judeo-Christian tradition.

If Bearsy is correct in his firm belief that there is no god, than it follows that islamo-humanists will achieve their aims. But I am amongst those who in their mortal imperfection firmly understand the reality that God against all odds, actually does exist and before the end, victory will be stolen from under islamo-huamity's feet in a very in your face way :lol:

Yes we are at that juncture where evil celebrates it's victory, but time has not yet run out for things to come to a head!

Let's face it, islamo-humanity is hellbent on genociding judeo-christendom.
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