The Picton case.

The Picton case.

Postby Fat Tony » May 24, 2018 1:01 am ... ial-killer

It is much worse than you think. Similar things may still be going on. There was an entire Canadian TV series, Davinci's Inquest which had this subject as one of the story arcs. For a Canadian TV series it was not all that bad. The gloomy ending of the series depicted the main character coming to a disturbing conclusion that women 'nobody cared about' were mysteriously disappearing, & everyone including government officials 'knew' nothing untoward was going on.

Also there is the sticky detail of up to eighty souls who are suspected to have been killed by Picton & co. Due to the magnitude of the crimes & possibly political convenience these souls have been swept under the rug.

A tearful apology written up by an anonymous writer obo of the City of Vancouver is supposed to make it all better.

It goes away. The story has left the press. This is in line withother cases from Canadian history. Clifford Olson. Others come to mind.
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