self-determination plebiscites in US territories 2016

Re: self-determination plebiscites in US territories 2016

Postby -MM- » Jan 14, 2015 1:53 pm

The only reason I had mentioned Greenland is because I thought it was interesting that apparently some of their own people seem to think that they'd be better off today as a US state (I agree with the assessment). I wasn't inferring that they would be annexed to the US anytime soon. I think their people want a resolution to their current status (much like the people of Puerto Rico), but they have a long, hard road to resolve it with Denmark. I would be in favor of Greenland as part of the union, but it's not something that I expect to happen, especially not anytime soon.

I just had a talk about US-Canada merging/annexing with my uber driver the other day and she brought up the good point of Canada still having a queen (and when she dies, a king) that reigns over them. That would ultimately hinder such an union. I kind of tend to agree with that. Curious what other folks think about this.

Regarding Mexico, I only see the Northern mexican states joining after some kind of recession or separation from those states. I also don't think the union would accept their request to join unless they cleaned up their place first. Furthermore I think a situation such as Mexico going into recession and selling states like Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora etc is a possibility. I'm not sure how much work it would take to get those states out of the slums and into, but we'll have to see what happens once Puerto Rico joins.

Speaking of PR, there's been some big movements happening recently. Puerto Ricans were in front of the White House demanding, Pedro Pierluisi has already spoken twice to congress requesting a resolution, and even wrote a letter to Obama. I believe another PR representative wrote a letter to Obama as well. We might see a federal binding "Yes or No" referendum on Puerto Rico that will determine the future of the island very soon.
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Re: self-determination plebiscites in US territories 2016

Postby eyzmin » Jun 01, 2015 1:27 am

Forgot about this. To specifically answer the Greenland question, the U.S. offered Denmark one hundred million dollars for it in 1946 and they declined. Update on the plebiscites. Still no word on the Puerto Rico date. On May 8 2015 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated A lawsuit filed by Arnold Davis claiming that the rules for registering for Guams Plebiscite are discriminatory and violate the constitution. The lawsuit was originally thrown out in 2013 on the grounds that his rights hadn't been violated yet as the vote has yet to happen, he then filed for appeal. Currently the rules state that only someone who was in Guam or who's ancestors were in Guam when the 1950 Organic act of Guam was passed. Davis argues that this discriminates against someone of non-Chamorro descent. While mainly true, they could be of any race, as long as they were residents of Guam prior to 1950 or who's ancestors were. Most likely all this is going to do is delay the plebiscite a few more years. Updates to come as I hear them
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Re: self-determination plebiscites in US territories 2016

Postby Windwalker » Jun 01, 2015 11:21 am

eyzmin wrote:To specifically answer the Greenland question, the U.S. offered Denmark one hundred million dollars for it in 1946 and they declined.

They were wise to do so. While this would likely have knocked a big chunk out of what they owed the US at the end of the war, Greenland today has an annual GDP more than 20 times that amount... 4 times that amount in just fishing. And lets not forget that Greenland has unexploited mineral wealth, too, and all this with a workforce of only 40k workers.

100 million, even in 1946 dollars, was most definitely a lowball offer.
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Re: self-determination plebiscites in US territories 2016

Postby BC_Dan » Dec 13, 2015 8:44 am

Barging in on an old discussion:

I've always tended to think of the Revolutionary War as just one battle that France won in its ongoing war against England. And to that end, have always thought of Benjamin Franklin as the Greatest American for negotiating King Louis' support. Without French support -- naval support in particular -- the rebels would almost certainly have lost, and the revolutionary cause might have become a minor footnote in history, as it was never all that popular among the colonists anyway.

In the end, the expense of the ongoing war ended up costing Louis his head, but c'est la vie,
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Re: self-determination plebiscites in US territories 2016

Postby Americalex » Dec 13, 2015 2:06 pm

The way I see it, pedo-satanists take over England, behead catholic king, tumult and civil war, atrocities, barbarity.
American colonies not affected, but start to feel the pinch and want to free themselves from the growing oppression.
British monarchy restored with veneer of christianity but tumult remains.
Americans seek independence, gain help of France.
Americans win independence through France military and logistical assistance.
Pedo-satanists start taking shit over in France.
Vendee genocide, atrocities, barbarity, etc.
France becums preeminent center of humanism,
French nation subjected to countless humiliations, traumas, instability, decline since then.
"Entre le fort et le faible, c’est la liberté qui opprime et la loi qui affranchit." - Lacordaire
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