US Customs deal; Commonwealth intergration, and the

US Customs deal; Commonwealth intergration, and the

Postby Tidusx43 » Mar 17, 2015 8:50 pm

Joined the site a while ago but sorta forgot about it since then. I found this article online talking about a new border deal between Canada and the US and figured it was as good an article as any to officially introduce myself with and perhaps gauge opinions?

I tend to focus more on the Pacific as far as news goes being on the west coast. I wasn't surprised at all the British (and now Germany, France, and Italy) decision to join AIIB, it's totally pragmatic from their stand point. They have little access to the Pacific and petitioners online seem to be coalescing around an idea of a "commonwealth" free labor and movement idea.

From the US's perspective i think it's best if we pay more attention to the Philippines. Our relationship with them is complex but there is lingering sentiment for America there. I'm currently apart of a facebook group made up of mostly Fillipinos in the Philippines organizing around the idea of re-annexation to the US. While i think the commonwealth movement is likely to happen faster, i believe the Philippines to be important not just to the US but also from a basis that might bring all the western country's together. Thoughts?
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Re: US Customs deal; Commonwealth intergration, and the

Postby Americalex » Mar 22, 2015 1:53 pm

The customs deal is good for Canada, glad they were able to work this one out with the Obama administration. Basically as long as the flow of commerce can go unimpeded, it favours our mutual continued co-prosperity!

Do you have any stats from polls about support in the Philippines for such an idea? I'd love to know what range of support the notion of the Phillippines becoming a US commonwealth or state garners both there and in the US.
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