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Median incomes of proposed states

PostPosted: Oct 26, 2015 3:32 pm
by dans
I saw an interesting article comparing the median income and cost of living of European countries to US states. The article was prompted by the way socialists hold up Scandinavia as an ideal policy package. If you look at the median income, poverty lines, and cost of living, however, the residents of most of the countries of Europe are poorer on average than the residents of Mississippi. Incidentally, it does briefly mention that Canada would be a middle of the pack state by these calculations. (Of course, if we were to break it down to the provincial level, that would be more interesting.)

Re: Median incomes of proposed states

PostPosted: Nov 05, 2015 10:35 am
by Americalex
The Swedish model failed.. their humanists have imported a critical mass of hostile migrants from Islam and their economic situation is in irremediable decline. Now for successful Norway, they've succeeded because of a capitalist approach where they actually invested money in natural resource exploitation, added with drastic socialist taxes on the population.

But my understanding is that the only reason their model works is because they have access to a lot of natural resources and have a small -homogeneous- population. I think major countries like the United States or France would be hard pressed to emulate this model for themselves (try spreading the wealth to 400 million instead of 4, basically)

Quebec is not far from that model, except that we're are financed by equalization and somewhat less drastic (but equally potent) personal taxation. We could probably go "norwegian" if we were independant, and it would kind of work. Bacl to your question on media income breakdown by provinces: Quebec and the Atlantic are probably lower than the national.