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Annexation Facts - Support by Nation

PostPosted: Oct 28, 2016 12:35 pm
by Americalex

Re: Annexation Facts - Support by Nation

PostPosted: Nov 11, 2016 12:47 pm
by -MM-
I know we were talking on that other thread and I was reading another forum - a very liberal forum where people were discussing this Calexit thing going now (lol). A user from Canada chimed in and mentioned that it would be pretty impossible for Quebec to separate now. His exact words were

different country, different constitution.

Quebec's situation changed demographically and ideolgocially in the last 21 years. It is now demographically near impossible for Quebec to separate with its current make up.

+Justin's approval ratings in that province is high, including with Francophones

Curious on your thoughts. Especially since you believe a QC split referendum is more likely than before Trump won.

Re: Annexation Facts - Support by Nation

PostPosted: Nov 12, 2016 3:39 pm
by Americalex
I just realized what the whole Calexit thing you were referring to is all about lol


Your question requires a comprehensive response with a ton of context to properly explain why I hold such a stance, so here it is. There is zero doubt that a lot of the support enjoyed by Trudeau comes from Quebec. The way it works in Canada, most of the country is highly urbanized, moreso than then United States. The three largest urban centers, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the core of the liberal investment for support. Trudeau himself is from Montreal, and has been elected in a Montreal circonscription, so there is no denying that much of the liberal-humanist vote comes from the area where I live and work. Quebec as a nation is a lot like California or New England: generally liberal, the divide here occurs more along the lines of a capitalist/socialist approach to government. For sure if they join Canada, it would be pretty much life as usual for most people, in spite of the sudden demographic shift of the total ownership of political power to the newcomers. Might want to rename Canada to "United Provinces of America" if that happens lol

New England should merge and become just one province. Similar cleanup in the Maritimes. The rest is fine.


With that said, pertaining to the notion of Quebec leaving Canada to join the USA as it currently stands:

Currently, the federal liberals are definitely socialist leaning. The provincial liberals in Quebec (not Ontario) are definitely capitalist leaning. Most humanists in Quebec despise the provincial liberals whom they consider to be conservatives. But they're just "conservative" in the capitalist sense. Any campaign to bring Quebec and Canada into a full annexation with the United States, will probably be need to be done by a charismatic liberal person able to laugh at him or herself while having the audacity to say things that are considered more taboo than even abortion for example. The reason Canada is more liberal (without being more socialist) than America is because of the higher urbanization percentage in my opinion. It's that simple. When you meet more people from more backgrounds it's natural to be more open to lifestyles that have a higher degree of variability. I don't agree with the notion that being liberal automatically means being humanist.

While the term liberal has been co-opted by humanists-socialists as their vehicle to implement socialization, we are all well aware that this has also been the case covertly within the various conservative movements in western nations, who have not been spared this infestation. This has been more and more blatant as the overall population allowed itself to be deceived and indoctrinated by humanist precepts such as democracy, equality, etc. But in the classical sense, liberal was a very capitalist notion, anchored in christendom as per the liberal arts (see trivium and quadrivium). Heck I'll even link an introduction to these here,

It's easy to contra distinguish the classical liberal mind (christian and capitalist) from the modern liberal mind (humanist and socialist). The point is, in a society like Quebec, which has been staunchly Catholic throughout its history, there subsists this echo of religious values even though people can't quite put their finger on it. When the Catholic Church was taken over by the humanists in Vatican 2, the changes to the faith literally emptied all the Churches here in only a few years. People could sense that it had suddenly become a big load of bullshit. My contention is that thanks to the digital age we are able to shed light on the systematic humanist take-over of our societies... the recently emerging realization that the end objective of this infestation is to implode the West from within in order to hand it over to Islam is causing strong reactions in Westerners.

In Quebec, this is doubly so. People are now opening up to rediscovering their Catholic roots more, their christian past. People are realizing that when the scarf wielding Eurofrench humanists ejaculated into our province during the quiet revolution, they kind of fast talked their way into getting us to throw away "the baby with the bath water". But Quebec is the old France. Our law is descended from the Customary Law of Paris. And old France has ever been the eldest daughter of the church: the most preeminent sovereign political power to enact and promote catholic principles of sound and responsible government in the world. After the barbaric french revolution, our situation here was dramatically affected in a positive way.

While the humanists were comitting genocide against priests and the Vendeans in France (more than 1 million were brutally and savegely murdered during that awful period of absolute terror and evil there), many priests fled to Great Britain. Contrary to the propaganda of protestant gurus who had been busy promulgating a falsehood according to which French priests were degenerate evil abusive manipulators (which turned out to be the case of many of the so called faith ministers of most denominations themselves), English people were able to see firsthand that those priests who escaped death and destruction in France, were the most scientific, civilized, moral and admirable individuals they had ever met.

Suddenly the whole islamo-humanist propaganda of the protestants started to melt away when confronted with the empirically observable reality. This was the event that led Britain to have Catholicism become it's single biggest denomination today. in spite of having been banned and persecuted and seeing an interdiction on the monarch of being or marrying a catholic (even though it was okay with a muslim!). Recently, they even changed this and the monarch can marry a catholic. But anyway, back then, this was when Quebec got into play: The british Empire decided to send those priests (who were mostly Jesuits) to Quebec, because there they would be able to speak French and provide their educations easily.

The result was the effective transference of this corpus of knowledge and civilization from France to Canada basically. Sure France kept much of it's former glory, but being dominated henceforth by humanists, it never quite regained its footing and became exposed to endless national traumas and humiliations. Why is this relevant? Because Quebec can look at what is happening in Canada, with the shameless humanists pushing for a flooding of immigration from Islam, and say "no thanks". Quebec is a mix of the normans and the franks. Both of these peoples fought constantly and bravely against Islam throughout the medieval era. The Knights Templars were mostly Normans and the Crusaders Kingdoms were mostly French. The very term 'overseas' comes from the french 'outremer' which was used to describe Israel.

The point is, fuck that there is zero fucking way that we will go down the islamo-humanist road without a fight. And if having our brexit from Canada to join a sovereign united states helps to boost the West and gives us the fortitude and confidence to do what it takes to confront and defeat the forces of evil which are clearly gathered against us, then Quebecers and Quebec will be MORE than happy to do our small part in helping this outcome come about. That is the message I see when I look at our current context and intermix it with the option for uniting our two nations at this juncture basically. It will offend all of the humanists and their islamist allies, so what? Fuck them, the silent majority is not with them.

Case in point, my two most popular videos on youtube relate to these themes, the same Lys, the same story!

Re: Annexation Facts - Support by Nation

PostPosted: Nov 13, 2016 4:09 pm
by Windwalker
Americalex wrote:The way it works in Canada, most of the country is highly urbanized, moreso than then United States. The three largest urban centers, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the core of the liberal investment for support.

I was doing a bit of research on geothermal Energy recently and was wonder how viable it would be to create settlements or colonies in Quebec's unpopulated core.


As you can see, most of Quebec is still unpopulated wilderness. Surveys have been done to assess the potential for geothermal energy production of a quantity/capacity to create and export power to the urban centers along the US border:

Basically, all the colored in areas are warm enough to generate industrial levels of electricy production. They could much, much more cheaply be converted into a "pump" system sufficient for warmimg large areas, like a giant greenhouse.

Workers with experience producing crops using farming tecniques that are not fossil-fuel intensive could be imported from around the globe, and these Colonies could also serve as a haven for Environmentalists seeking to be "Carbon Nuetral". The colonies could be designed with a goal of becoming self-sufficient within 10-20 years, and gross exporters thereafter. A secondary goal could be increasing Quebec's total populations 4-fold from the current estimates.

(Perhaps the USA could help fund this process as a solution to its ongoing immigration issues? Persons of meager substance, like rural Indian and Asian farmers, with a desire to become American could be "hired" to help build the Colonies, where there would also be a framework for US Citizenship as an option.)

Re: Annexation Facts - Support by Nation

PostPosted: Nov 13, 2016 4:14 pm
by Windwalker
I would also argue that there are potentially much more areas in Quebec suitable for such colonies. Much of the unmarked area on the map simply hasn't even been assessed. (And it is a 2 demential map at a specified debth. The spot on the northern-coast, for example, goes off-the-chart red hot a few more kilometers down.)

Re: Annexation Facts - Support by Nation

PostPosted: Nov 13, 2016 9:12 pm
by Americalex
Quebec, we're not even a country, but we're 3 times the size of France, 16 times South Korea, we currently provide the entire military defense for a sovereign country (Iceland), we have natural resources to be prosperous even if we waste half of it, diversified economy able to weather economic cycles à la Texas, etc. etc.

I like the idea of a more pro-active management of immigration with soft controls and incentives. Self sufficient decentralized decentralized population nodes is a worthy concept to explore and attempt further. We've also got significant hydroponics technology here to produce food all year long that could be integrated in such schemes!

We're far from perfect, but we can't complain too much considering our historical situation it is quite telling about the English-Speaking world that we are able and allowed to subsist and prosper the way we have. We also represent that hope that could extent beyond of having multiple non primarily anglophone nations such as Norway and Israel fit in for full blown integration!

The U.K.'s dashing exit also heralds an opportunity, to look again at the possibility of what 19th century political thinkers called "an imperial federation". It's obviously no longer about empire, but it would be good for capitalists to confidently affirm themselves and establish a position of stability and strength!

I'm currently studying administrative law and I'm reaching the part that fully explores and defines the differences between confederation and federation specifically. My bet is that confederation is probably the proper way to go about things ultimately, simply because it is much easier to trace the links of sovereignty, albeit needing shielding against usurpation.