US-Canada partisan divisions: How would it go?

Re: US-Canada partisan divisions: How would it go?

Postby Fat Tony » Feb 07, 2018 12:56 pm

US Canada partisan divisions? :D well the Canucks would be diluted the the point of irrelevance of course. Would be put on point until there were none left! :p
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Re: US-Canada partisan divisions: How would it go?

Postby Nuke » Mar 11, 2018 4:07 am

Wow, a lot of stuff to reply to. I'm not sure what to say.

Americalex wrote:Could Washington be bypassed or rather, sidelined, put before a fait accompli by states if they moved to force a constitutional amendment that lets canada join without relying on congress to get the ball rolling?

Partisan politics is all a show like wrestling, and a lot of humanists swear by the feeling it fills them with, able to spam their hate on externalizations at the expense of getting completely played for fools to be laughed at.

One way to "convince washington" is to simply bring up the idea with the people who actually feed policies to the DC beast, the CFR. I'm planning on pitching the idea to them and that way the rest can simply chug along effortlessly.

Due to the current SCOTUS principle that the Articles of Confederation are still in force in respect to unilateral secession despite the abolition of every office established by it, it's actually possible that Canada's permanent invitation to join the United States could still be on the table. However, given the "Province of Canada" no longer exists, this might be a legal headache. However, Congress does not actually have to get the ball rolling. President Trump can actually sign the treaty without them, so long as the Canadian govt does as well, and then it would need to be ratified by the Senate--and it most certainly would be ratified, provided Canadian public support.

Bearsy wrote:I can't let it slip by a second time. That is the ugliest map of Ontario I have ever seen.

I completely agree.
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