The "Statehood First" method?

The "Statehood First" method?

Postby Windwalker » Apr 04, 2018 11:00 pm

I don't think I have ever heard the "Statehood First" idea explored before. What I mean is what if, for example, Quebec voted to become a part of New York State? The State of New York might be more amicable to the idea, for example, than the DC crowd. I am assuming there is already protocol in place allowing direct communications along official channels between the State Governments that share a border with Quebec.

Vermont might even be a better option, it could be a way for Vermont to remain a State, but also buy into the Canadian healthcare system by absorbing Quebec. Of course, a provision could also be added to allow Quebec to eventually break from whatever State it joins and become up to 3 other States, or something like that, how Texas did.

I find myself wondering, which of Quebec's border States has a population and system of government most conducive to "absorbing" Quebec? New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine?
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