USA and UK Reconsiliation.. What would N.Am look like after?

USA and UK Reconsiliation.. What would N.Am look like after?

Postby Windwalker » Apr 20, 2018 11:11 pm

What if the USA and the UK went through a reconciliation process and vigorously hammered out all the legal barriers that came up during the 1774-1789 rift that formed due to the American Revolutionary War. Having fully resolved any prior disagreements, it would be a simple thing for us to reunite. All of the Courts in the US, excepting Louisiana (State law there is based on the Nepolianic Code) and I think also mabye one of the puny States in New-Egland has some different basis, but otherwise all American Laws and our Court systems are all derived from English Law.


So for the purpose of this discussion, I was pondering, what would US and Canada relationship and the future of North America be if the USA and UK reunited again into one Nation, how would Canada want to fit back in in that Scenario? As part of the North American Community of the One Nation, or would they still want to stay an (politically) autonomous border region as they are currently?
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